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Market Leaders in the provision of quality service, workmanship and energy efficient engineering solutions in the commercial refrigeration industry

 Steve Halloran Refrigeration has been established since 2004. Since this time we have constantly strived to be the market leader in all aspects of our industry in providing 



1.   Professional Quality Workmanship

2.   Superior Customer Service

3.   Value for Money on all parts and tasks

4.   Energy Efficient Engineering Solutions



We can proudly say we have and will continue to deliver these four basic principles in every task we complete on every day we are in business.  


Through this practice it is our intention to not just be a refrigeration repair service but to truly become a “Refrigeration Partner” for all of our clients. 


Through the “Refrigeration Partner” initiative we consider it to be our responsibility to ensure that your commercial refrigeration and beer reticulation systems are not only the best possible systems available for your application but to also ensure that they perform and operate at their peak performance levels for your installation.


We have established “Refrigeration Partner” relationships with many clients in the hospitality industry. Through these relationships we have provided advice and services particularly involving defect repair service and energy efficient solutions which have resulted in significant operating cost savings for our partners.


As a result of our comprehensive research into energy efficient advanced technology refrigeration equipment, we have identified numerous ENERGY SAVINGS ACTIVITIES that deliver thousands of dollars in energy savings each year for our clients.


Not only have these activities produced ACTUAL energy savings for our clients our activities have also recently been accredited with IPART under the Energy Savings Scheme. We are proud to say the Steve Halloran Refrigeration is the ONLY COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION COMPANY ACCREDITED UNDER THE ENERGY SAVINGS SCHEME.

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SHR secure's refrigeration & beer reticulation
installation for exciting new resturant & bar in Chippendale
 SHR awarded refrigeration contract
for new venue in Sydney's Kings Cross!!!
 SHR complete's refrigeration upgrade of venue in Balmain
Cost and Energy Savings!!!
 Refrigeration and Power Usage!!!

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